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Voice Over Services Agreement

10.3.5 the other party is declared in default, or convenes a meeting or makes an agreement or composition with its creditors or proposes; either a liquidator, beneficiary, beneficiary of the administration, manager, director or similar official is appointed through one of its assets. An exclusivity agreement regulates the type of jobs that voice-over talents can accept after working with the client. For example, a customer like Nike should not allow a synchronous speaker they have hired to work with a major competitor like Adidas. The client will most likely want to clarify this issue in advance by establishing exclusivity. 10.2 The agent may terminate the contract if the customer has not made a payment due within 90 days of the requested amount. Voiceover is a virtual HRO company based in Gurgaon, specializing in recording the Employee Voice. At this point, I discuss with my clients the rest of my payment policies. 4.8 The agent is also authorized to recover all reasonable costs incurred by obtaining payment from the Customer if a payment due to the agent is delayed. Materials that provide talent to fill the work product (“materials”) may include: animations, source or compiled code, demos, images, films, slides, 8mm and 16mm films, videotapes, audio, artwork, motion graphics, 3D animation, digital media or other starting materials needed to record in the work product. Talent is not responsible for lost or damaged materials and any compensation due Ecustomer only covers the cost of replacing materials in their raw or storage format. The services provided to the client under this agreement may include the use of subcontractors and third-party services. Most scripts go through a lot of designs before landing on my desktop.

I guess the script you`re giving me is the FINAL and OFFICIAL version of the APPROVED. I will read it and record it. Once the registration is completed and received, payment is due within the time frame indicated on the invoice. Once the order is complete and the voice is approved, you will receive an invoice from my assistant via email. To ensure that this invoice can reach the right person and be processed without problems, let me know who the invoice should be sent to and to which email address.

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