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United Utilities Build Over Agreement Cost

It depends on the individual situation, but for a request to build a public sewer, you will probably need this: if you want to build one of our public sewers or transverse sewers (i.e. usually within 3 meters), you will need our agreement, even if it is located on your land. We must ensure that all of our pipes are protected from any damage that development can cause so that they can continue to provide the service for which they were designed. It is also very important that we have access to our pipes for maintenance and repair. Frequent problems with the construction of non-professional (do-it-yourself) over-the-job agreements: since October 2011, the responsibility for many previously private sewers has been transferred to regional water companies. In our field is now at United Utilities. This has implications for most types of construction where the proposal includes excavations or work on existing private sewers. Build over-agreements are a complex area both technically and legally and those who are not professional developers should consider seeking professional advice. A professional civil engineering consultant, with particular experience in building contracts, sewers and foundations, should be put in place. The cost of damage to sewers or foundations, without agreement or agreement, can be prohibitive. Any inspector who has inspected a site on our behalf (either by a local authority or by an independent company) will inform us of developments that do not exceed the permitted permitting limits, i.e. that construction/extension is a specified length or when the sewers/sewers are particularly large or deep.

First of all, that building, or enlargement or working with the support – potentially yes. We offer an economical service for professional design, consulting and computing services for owners and developers in the following regions: For more information on construction via a public channel, contact us at wastewaterdeveloperservices@uuplc.co.uk. We have an agreement or “protocol” with a number of LABCs and certified inspectors, which gives them the power to authorize potential build overs on our behalf, provided they meet certain criteria. Third, the risk of damage to the building due to the sewer failure is not excessive for that of any contract, including an owner or contractor.

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