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Trio Lease Financing Agreement

You know you are ready to own and you are looking for the lowest option price. TrioFirst is Trio`s most popular financing program and offers you the best credit for one-time payments. With it, you get all the tools you need to secure your future. Here`s the low point: You can use trio financing on a contingent offer, just like you would with a mortgage. You should make sure that with the sale of your home, the remaining contingency is fully approved. In addition, you need trio to approve in advance the house you want to buy. As part of your Home Purchase Assistance, Trio writes down a portion of your monthly rent for your purchase. Seriously, do it and forget about it. Until you are ready to remember and are happy at this point.

Any house funded in your trio, over the age of 18, must pass a background check and sign the trio financing agreement. Your income must be eligible for both payments, or you must have a signed lease before we can give final permission to finance your new home. It is necessary that you have 4 months of cash payments instead of our standard 2 months. Trio needs 2 months of payments under the lease agreement to qualify income. If you currently own a home, you must use TrioSelect, as TrioFirst requires that you did not own a home last year. We can make an exception if you move for employment or if your current home is worth less than you owe. Please refer to your individual contact information for your application. As a general rule, only candidates who meet other requirements, including credit score, no active judgments, etc., can contribute to a qualified income, but it is always best to let us know about your situation. Use the comments space on our website or e-Mail-apply@thinktrio.com (make sure you attach your application ID). Trio and its team have been offering leasing option financing since 2001. Trio is a private company that works closely with U.S. national and local governments trying to promote the return of homes.

Since the beginning of the housing crisis, the trio has worked with the U.S. Housing Authority – including the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Federal Housing and Finance Agency (FHFA), which manages Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, financial institutions and banks, public and local housing companies, and many others – to help design and develop opportunities for the recovery of the housing market.

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