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Prenup Agreement Bitlife

Now that you share the same bank account, it also means that you can unite as a couple to make big purchases, like cars and houses. Even if you divorce, you will still keep the houses or cars you bought, but the downside here is that your bank assets will be less than half of what they were before if you didn`t get your current ex-spouse to sign a marriage contract. Pre-marriage agreements change the standard rules established by the legislature and the jurisprudence of the state. If you don`t like the default rules, you can change at least a few. However, if you decide not to sign Prenup and get a divorce, you may not be able to protect certain assets. It is likely that your matrimonial property and real estate will simply be split between you and your ex 50/50, in accordance with California`s common property laws. This could even include family items and businesses, depending on what happens during the wedding. One way or another, the success of refusing a prenupe or your other significant signature is based on your relationship. Start warming them up while you are still engaged to increase those chances. Go on vacation, spend time together, give them gifts, compliments, even money. That is a penny compared to what a judge will force you to pay.

Marital agreements can be imposed in Germany with many restrictions. They must be executed in front of a notary. The German Burger Code (BGB) provides that, after marital automatism, spouses are automatically subject to a defined matrimonial property corresponding to the acquired benefit community or the “community of capital gains” unless they choose another arrangement by contract. The BGB also provides for two optional matrimonial law schemes, one being a system of exclusion from any community of ownership (welfare) and the other a scheme of the general property community (gutergemeinschaft). Pre-marriage agreements do not apply to custody of children or child support or other difficult things to apply by a court. Some of the examples may become a bit humorous, but the important message is that if you want your prenup to stand in court, don`t overwhelm it with things that are unrealistic for a judge (for example. B the number of times a week that you ideally have sex with your spouse). If we talk about outdated mechanics, you will notice if your partner has agreed to sign a prenup and one of you is seeking divorce. Instead of simply saying the game that you (or your partner) won`t get a single cent after the divorce, the dialog box will now display your net wealth and that of your partner before and after the divorce, with a basic summary displaying your current net assets and that of your ex.

Let`s go straight to the head of the discussion and talk about a prenupe. A prenup is the abbreviation of a conjugal agreement in which individuals can protect their property before marrying. Thus, a person would list his qualities or property before the marriage, in this way they can maintain what is for him if the marriage ends in divorce. In the BitLife universe, marital agreements are a convenient way to ensure that you won`t be brought to the cleaning staff if you or your spouse files for divorce, and if you shoot for the Gold Digger Band, they conversely prevent you from getting a single cent after such a split.

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