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Mutual Agreement Divorce Florida

NOW THEREFORE, taking into account the sum of mutual and multiple commitments and to assume and assume and for good and valuable consideration, the parties freely and voluntarily make themselves as follows: Marital Home or other Property: The parties have a house in 1234 Ideethclarumbwar Lane (hereafter referred to as “Alliance Property”). This property is subject to a mortgage (hereafter referred to as “Marital Residence Mortgage”). After the full implementation of this agreement, the contracting parties highlight the residence for sale with a licensed broker. At the time of the sale, the parties distribute the proceeds of the sale of the residence in equal parts. Florida requires that at least one spouse reside at least six months before the divorce. Establishing a residence is usually a simple process that can be done easily. The resident spouse can prove his residence with a valid Florida driver`s license, a Florida id or a Florida voter registration card. If none of them are available, an affidavit or the testimony of a confirmed witness may be used. You can keep a lawyer to represent you in an undisputed case. The cost of these services is generally much lower than in a disputed case. You can continue to reduce legal fees if you and your spouse have reached agreement on all issues that would require the lawyer`s work. In the event of a divorce in Florida, marital assets and liabilities are fairly distributed.

As a general rule, the court begins with the premise of splitting assets and marital debts 50/50. The law requires a court to fairly distribute a matrimonial property, unless there is “sufficient legal justification for unequal distribution on the basis of relevant legal factors.” See Hitchcock v. Hitchcock. For advice on how to allocate marital assets unevenly, contact a Tampa divorce lawyer to schedule a consultation. An unequal distribution of marital wealth in Florida can be difficult without the help of a lawyer. For a simple divorce in Florida without a trial (no court divorce), the case is filed in Lee County. Never mind that you have never lived there as long as one of you has lived in the state of Florida for the past 6 months. Things can get more complicated if your spouse doesn`t accept the delivery of divorce papers. In this case, you can get the sheriff of the county where your spouse resides to serve the papers to your spouse. If you don`t know your spouse`s current location, you can provide what`s called a constructive service. This is done by payment to place an ad in a local newspaper (provided you find one in the area where your spouse lives) to notify your spouse that you will serve them with the divorce.

Divorce is already a not-so-fun topic, so it`s understandable if you`re not willing to add estate planning to the mix. However, planning your estate becomes even more important if you are in a divorce situation.

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